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Visions can mobilise communities, countries and global networks to deliver extraordinary outcomes. 
// The human race can do extraordinary things when it needs to. With the right motivation, humans can win unwinnable wars, put men on the moon, build pyramids or create atomic bombs. We may cut off a limb in order to survive or swim the race of our lives in order to triumph.
However, the complex issue of climate change is one that our race is struggling to address. The solutions are not beyond us in any way. Technological solutions exist, scientific knowledge is plentiful, the world can afford the transition but still significant action eludes us. There are many rational arguments for clear paths forward. The complexity of climate change is now in the psychology of change.


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Changing the world begins
with a story from the future

Imagine a world free of war, extreme poverty and where equality and safety are taken for granted by your great great great grandchildren, and their 
grandchildren alike.


Envision a world not dictated by the shareholder profits of big oil companies and when a new solution becomines available to enable a cleaner and brighter future, it is adopted without hindrance.


Or maybe you have nightmares about a world where humanity did not act fast enough to secure the food security and safety of our future; where unpredicatable and violent weather events are a regular occurance and war is rife across the planet by people desperate for sustanence.

Visions 2100  holds stories from some of the world’s leading environmental thinkers and influencers. It includes those leading the process of making global agreements on climate change and those working on leading technology solutions. These are the people who are shaping your future world. Their visions tell what they want to see in the future. They are passionate about achieving the world of their vision.


But in order for these visions to become reality, we also need your vision for the future. This book also sets out how you can be part of creating the future that you want by writing your own vision and sharing the
story of your future.

Stories from 2030  brings us back to what needs to be done now. In the words of Joel A. Barker 'vision without action is merely a dream’ so the hard work of action must accelerate.

The 82 contributors to Stories from 2030 work on identifying risks, harnessing finance, developing or deploying solutions and driving government action. They are the people that are driving the critical actions of this decade.  

In their stories, they address climate justice, collaboration across countries, companies and communities, adaptation of cities and economies, of ecosystems and biodiversity, of health and wellbeing. They tell what you can do to help.

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