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This book almost certainly contains an accurate prediction of the world that your grandchildren will inhabit" 


‘Hence what we value in leaders is not the ability to predict the future but rather to envision it. Amid the chaotic tangle of possibilities, passively predicting is a game of chance; but good leaders know that you can load the dice by actively rallying people around a vision.
For the author, entrepreneur and activist John O’Brien, this is what is holding back the environmental movement: although predictions abound about how our actions will affect the future of our planet, there are not enough compelling visions of the happy, sustainable society to which we should be moving.’ Financial Times UK



"..powerful stuff, written in a way that is both conversational and jaw-droppingly well-informed. The research effort involved in the book is obvious, and altogether dazzling."The Fifth Estate


"This book almost certainly contains an accurate prediction of the world that your grandchildren will inhabit. Which of these versions of the future is the correct one is not so easy to say. But it's fun having a go.

And if you want to know what the stock market will look like in 2100, well, you'll have to read the book..."

Eco Investor


"We act on emotion, ignore the inconvenient and avoid the frightening. It’s just the way we are. So how do we change minds and stimulate action? Through stories, says John O’Brien, visionary stories.” The Switch Report



Julia Hawthornthwaite ‏@jrhawthorn: '.@VISIONS_2100 definitely the best presentation I've seen so far at #GLOBE2016. I feel inspired to be a stubborn optimist too.’


Greg Jones ‏@gcjones16:   ‘Incredibly inspiring talk from John O'Brien re @VISIONS_2100. Dream & tell story re what we see in the world in 2100 #GLOBE2016’


Karen lockridge ‏@KarenLockridge: ‘John O'Brien @visions_2100: The only way to have the future you want is to help create it. #GLOBE2016’



"Your humorous, yet earnest and very well informed style is really engaging and the feedback we received in conversations that followed were very positive and encouraging. “Life-changing” was one description."

Trish Hansen, President, Australian Institute of Urban Studies SA

"My friend is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican and 'Trump-ite'.  However he has told me he has learned a lot and is now a complete convert to the dangers of climate change.  A big feather in your cap!!!"

Irvine Harris, Florida, US


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