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Visions 2100 featured in Switch Report

Alistair McCaskill discusses the recently launched book Visions 2100 in his review featured in the Switch Report.

"80 Visions of 2100

John invited a number of high-profile people (including the Pope and President Obama) to create their vision for the world in the year 2100. Some (including the Pope and President Obama) didn’t respond, but 80 others from around the world did. They include Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and Special Envoy on Climate Change to the UN, Christine Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Yvo de Boer, Director General of the Green Growth Institute. Journalists, planners, scientists from a range of disciplines, an Archbishop and high school students also responded.

John has woven these visions through his new book, Visions 2100: Stories from Your Future. Why did he go down this path? Because “visions can and do change the world.” The visions act as a framework around which John examines the psychology and technology, current business mindsets and failures that have lead to our present position. He goes on to explore the challenges and the opportunities that will arise between now and 2100.

The full article is available here

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