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Stories from 2030 - COP26 Launch Event

Come and hear from John O'Brien, the collator and author, and a range of the amazing contributors who are attending the COP26 conference.

Stories of restlessness, disruption, conflagrations, faraday tents, mythmakers, bubble-worlds, local nomads, transformation, resilience and the power of the exponential.

The 82 contributors to 'Stories from 2030' work on identifying risks, harnessing finance, developing or deploying solutions and driving government action. They are the people that are driving the critical actions of this decade.

In their stories, they address climate justice, collaboration across countries, companies and communities, adaptation of cities and economies, of ecosystems and biodiversity, of health and wellbeing. They tell what you can do to help.

We'll be joined by several of the storytellers telling their stories and hanging around for a drink and chat afterwards.

We'd love to see you there.

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